How do I start searching?

The mobile system allows the user to search the available modules. From the main page of the mobile system, click on the desired module button. From here, the user may click on the “Keyword” button to search by entering a simple word or phrase and clicking “Search” to return the applicable results. Alternatively, by clicking on the “Category” button, the user can choose a category and click “Search” to return all results in that category.

How many modules are currently supported on the mobile system?

Eight modules are currently supported on the mobile system: Vendors, Specialist Directory, Technology, Picture Libray, Hotline, Lessons Learned, Best Practices and Fixative Module.

What devices are supported by the mobile system?

The devices that are supported by the mobile system include the Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry, and iPad.

Page not displaying properly

  1. Check with the browser options on your device to ensure that Javascript, CSS, and images are enabled.
  2. Clear the browser history and cache.
Note: to utilize the full graphicically features you must have at least Apple iOS 3.2-5.0, Android 2.1-4.0, Blackberry 5.0-7.0, Blackberry Playbook (1.0-2.0), Palm WebOS (1.4-3.0). The system has been testing on all listed devices native browser as well as mobile versions of Firefox and Opera.

Adding D&D KM-IT Icon


Using the browser navigate to and bookmark it. Once bookmarked, go to the homescreen and press the "menu" key. Press "add" and then "bookmark", click on and an icon will appear on your homescreen.


Using the browser navigate to, press the globe or options button, then select "Add to Homescreen".

iPhone & iPad

Using the browser navigate to then press the icon with an arrow in a box, select "Add to homescreen".

Windows 7

Using the browser navigate to then press the "..." button and then select "Pin to start".